There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of kinds of retractable banner stands. Some, frankly, are just awful in terms of quality, and maintain their existence in the market simply because they're cheap. Not inexpensive, just cheap. Others are gorgeously designed, work beautifully and are ruinously expensive. We work with a model that sits happily in the middle: good quality, fair price, and features that make it one of our most popular products. These features include: 

  • Accommodates banners 62” – 92” tall 
  • Separate models 24” – 60” wide (most popular is 36”) 
  • Banners are easily interchangeable 
  • Tough, durable, good-looking one-piece base 
  • Includes carry case that looks good and actually works!
  • Lifetime warranty with labor-free banner change-out.