Category Overview

The event industry is awash in promotional flags and vertical banners. Figuring out which names go with which products will drive you nuts.  It drives us nuts, and we're in the business. Simply put, we carry three basic shapes of vertical banners; teardrops, blade-style and rectangular "banner flags".  Each style is available in two basic sizes, and we can customize as well. Mounting options include metal base plates (our recommended solution) ground spikes, X-stands (AKA cross-bases), and canopy frame brackets.


We also sell custom rectangular flags -- the simple ones with the grommets on one side that you can attached to a standard flagpole -- or any pole that you care to rig up. The long and the short of it is this: if you need a flag of any size and shape, give us a ring. We'll fix you right up. 


Mostly aka “Vertical Banners”, blade or teardrop-shaped. But we do traditional rectangular flags too