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    A leading supplier of promotional graphics to events,
    companies, agencies, and organizations across the U.S.


At MPA, we will never lose sight of our chosen position in the market as a total solution provider

We are a company not only capable, but willing, to be truly creative; to say “yes” when others might say no; to apply our deep understanding of the events industry in new ways; to be curious in how things work, or how they might be made to work: better, faster, cheaper, last longer, and function more successfully in the widest possible variety of environments.


"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."

- Steve Jobs


MPA Event Graphics - A leading supplier of promotional graphics to events, companies, agencies, and organizations across the U. S.

Born of long experience in marketing, communications and event production, MPA comes to the table with a unique perspective. We have built our business by serving the practical and strategic needs of brand and event professionals . At MPA, we know that printing is only the first step. That real success is an outcome that satisfies the requirements of every constituent audience: our client, our client's client, the brand or event production team, and the intended audience. To fail in one area is to fail in all. We place a strong emphasis on customer service and strive at every turn to foster a friendly, helpful, collaborative relationship with our clients.


Our goal is to be the most knowledgeable, best resourced, graphics company in the event business. From the outset, it was clear to us that the key to meeting the varied needs of our clients was flexibility; to define our capabilities in terms of customer need rather than the capacity or capabilities of our machines. With a solid list of reliable, long-term production partners across the U.S., MPA is free to focus its efforts on six key areas:

  • Client communication and customer service
  • Communicating, as needed, our extensive hands-on experience in event marketing and production
  • Total project involvement, from concept to execution in the field
  • Rapid scalability to meet large project needs
  • Minimizing the impact of production logjams and equipment failures
  • Providing a single-point resource to integrate disparate project elements and multiple sources of supply


Our Clients

MPA is proud to work with a wide variety of major brands, agencies, organizations, events, and corporate clients across the U.S. including

2XU • Acura • Agent of Change • Aqua Sphere • Audi • Bacardi • Baltimore Ravens • BMW Dallas Marathon • Bont Cycling • Bolt Marketing • Boulder Beer • Bronx Zoo • Cervelo • Challenged Athletes Foundation • Citibank • Cigna Health Care • Coca-Cola • Competitor Group • Conqur Endurance Group • Corrigin Sports • Corona • Crohn's & Colitis Foundation • Deckers • Dew Action Sports Tour • EAS Energy Systems • Emergen-C • Empire State Run-Up • Enterprise Car Rental • Enthusiast Network • Event 360 • Fairlife Farms & Core Power (Coca-Cola Co) • Fitness Design Group • Garwood Events • Gatorade • Governor's Ball Music Festival • GU • IBM • Hartford Marathon • Hilton Hotel, La Jolla at Torrey Pines • Hincapie Sportswear • Indianapolis 500 Festival • International Triathlon Union • Jamba Juice • Kellogg's • LG • Lead Dog Marketing • Lexus • Lifeproof & Otterbox • Lifetime Fitness • Lincoln • Long Beach Marathon • Mary Kay • Match Action • MKTG • Motive Events • Motive Agency • Mountain Dew • New York Triathlon • Nissan • Odwalla • National University • Normatec • Orange County Marathon • Pasadena Half Marathon • Pebble Beach Golf Course • Pepsi-Cola • Perfect Bar • PowerBar • Premier Event Management • Progressive Insurance • Pure Protein • Race Across America • Reef • Rescue SCG • Rock & Roll Marathon • Rodale • Rudy Project • Sabra • Seventeen Magazine • Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon • Special Olympics of Southern Californa • Stop Cancer • The Strategic Agency • Susan G. Komen Foundation • Sweet & Low • Swisher Hygiene • Timex • Tough Mudder • Training Peaks • Torrey Pines Golf Course • Tri Rock Triathlon Series • Ulman Cancer Foundation • Under Armour • USA Triathlon • US Surfing Association • WD-4 and many more...


No drama, just done.

Our tightly knit team here at MPA is dedicated to getting the work in and out on time, on budget - and with a smile to boot. MPA clients keep coming back because we are reliable, friendly, efficient, responsive, communicative . We don't just act like we care; we really do.

Mike Plant

Founder, President

Tina Dubois

VP Production

Cacy James

Production Manager

Korina Cooper

Logistics Manager

Chelsie Robinson

Graphic Designer

Jennifer Gee

Accounting Manager


Do you have a question? Or do you need support for one of your projects? We are here to help.

Phone  760-294-2652
Email  info@mpagraphics.com